Clever Girl Design Studio
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Graphic Design Studio - Buffalo, NY
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Clever Girl Design Studio helps your business stand out with custom logos, business cards and graphics design in Buffalo, NY.  With over 30 years of design experience, I work with each project individually to make sure the message, mood, product or services of the company are accurately conveyed.  I work with businesses of all sizes and design professional media of all types to make each business image unique and striking.

Your logo, brochure, business cards and other promotional materials are the first impression your company makes. These images are the first things your customers see, and they should be continuous with your brand.  I work personally with business owners and managers to make graphics that add to and elevate your brand, drawing your customers in and engaging with them the moment they see each page.  

Recreate your brand, start a new business or build new promotional materials that represent your current enterprise even better.  Contact me to learn more about custom designs and affordable pricing for all materials.
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